Guess The Age – Can you guess the celeb’s age?

Guess the Age is an age guessing puzzle game to guess the celebrity’s age

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The Game

Love puzzle games? How about trying a unique puzzle game where you guess the age of the celebrity? Here is a unique celebrity age guessing game – Guess the Age – Can you guess the celeb’s age?

In this celebrity age guessing game, you will be shown the sketch of a celebrity and their name. You have to guess their age based on their picture. Put your knowledge and puzzle skills to test with this age guessing game. You will find pictures of 450+ different celebrities and the puzzle keeps getting difficult.

So, do you think you can guess the celeb’s age? Here is how you play this game to have fun –
• Check the sketch of the celebrity and the name
• Input your guessed age and earn points
• You earn points based on the game mode that you’re playing

This Celebrity Age Guessing game supports two game modes –
• Normal Mode – You have to guess the age of 10 celebrities and make 100 points.
• Endless – You have over 450 celebrities and 100 points to guess the age, every wrong answer you lose some points.

So, do you think you are good at guessing the celeb’s age. Start playing this extremely unique and fun age guessing game for celebs. What are you waiting for? Play right now and try to guess the age of the celebrities, you will see that it is not as easy as you think.


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⚡ Guess The Age is a game developed by KEISE Entertainment, the creators of “Tuber More or Less” and “Another Dinosaur Run Game”! ⚡