Halloween Party Salon

🎃 Halloween is here and who doesn't like to carving a pumpkin?! 🎃

Choose your suitcase and try to win the billionaire prize.

The Game

Based on the great television show success, open the cases and negotiate with the banker. There are 26 suitcases for you to open and find out the value of it, and do not worry, at the end of the game you can choose between your suitcase and the remaining one.

With each round the banker will offer a value for your case and you will have to decide whether or not to sell your suitcase and stick with the banker’s proposal.

💵Simple, easy, fun and you can still become a billionaire inside the game!💵

⚡ Deal for Billions is a game developed by KEISE Entertainment, the creators of “Tuber More or Less” and “Another Dinosaur Run Game”! ⚡